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Welcome to Easy Español, a leading institution in teaching Spanish as a second language. We are committed to ensure all our students learn Spanish is an effective way while they enjoy and embrace the richness of the Hispanic culture. Now you can also be part of the over 500 million Spanish-speaker community all around the world.

Our school bases its language teaching philosophy in two simple principles: Anybody can learn Spanish regardless of their age or learning abilities. Secondly, language learning should follow the natural hearing acquisition of the first language. Easy Español also believes learning Spanish should not be an emotional hazard for a dedicated learner.

The success of our programs relies heavily in our initial assessment process. In order to assure the attainment of our student’s language objectives, we try to gather and analyze all pertinent information related to the cognitive, emotional and learning skills of all participants. This meticulous process starts with a language test to determine the learner’s level. Afterwards, we invite students to have an Introductory lesson where our Academic Coordinator presents a model lesson and appraises the learner’s learning style as well as their overall communication skills and subjective traits. Finally, a report is written with the test results, general assessment, and academic recommendations.

Are you ready to take the plunge? We dare you to embark in this fascinating language journey with Easy Español where students live the language!

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Hispanic Harlem Walking Tour on June 19 @ 3:30 pm! Cost: $20 - Free for Private Students