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Art & Conversation: Tesoros y secretos del Museo del Prado



For over two centuries, the Prado Museum has kept hidden countless treasures and secrets. One of the most important art galleries in the world, the Prado Museum holds dozens of masterpieces that are instrumental to understanding the evolution of art history, specially from the Middle Ages until the XIX century. Therefore, the Prado Museum is a priviledged space to learn and practice Spanish while enjoying the beauty of great works of art, such as ‘El jardín de las delicias’, ‘Las meninas’, ‘Las tres gracias’ by Rubens, ‘El autorretrato’ by Durero or ‘La anunciación’ by FraAngelico.

In this course, we’ll discover the secrets and treasures of this wonderful museum while learning about its history.

Join us in this journey through the paintings of the Prado Museum while we learn and practice español through art.

  • Level: Intermediate (Spanish 7/8)
  • Format: Small Group (up to 6 students)
  • Schedule: Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Length: 6 weeks (starting 04/29/21)
  • Materials: Online Teaching Materials (free)
  • Tuition fee: $185
  • Place: Easy Español’s Virtual Campus
  • Instructor: Juan Trouillhet
  • Pre-requisite: Spanish 6 (Lower Intermediates)