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Spanish for Middle Beginners



This course offers an excellent opportunity to review and expand specific grammatical aspects and relevant vocabulary for students with some basic knowledge of Spanish.

In this course, students will strengthen their communication skills when talking about parts of a house, housing in general, the city and transportation. Students will learn adverbs of location and quantity, possessive adjectives, ordinal numbers, and the irregularity of many key Spanish verbs.  Authentic situational exercises will introduce students to the structure and use of Spanish in everyday life.

  • Level: Spanish for Middle Beginners (Spanish 3)
  • Format: Small Group (up to 6 students)
  • Schedule: Saturdays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Length: 6 weeks (starting 04/24/21)
  • Materials: Online Teaching Materials (free)
  • Tuition fee: $185
  • Place: Easy Español’s Virtual Campus
  • Instructor: Monica Endara
  • Pre-requisite: Spanish 2 (or Placement Test)