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Spanish for Higher Beginners



This course is designed to solidify the students’ knowledge of grammar topics acquired in previous Spanish courses, help them expand their vocabulary and to broaden their listening and conversation skills. Using a variety of exercises that involve role play, reading, watching videos, and listening to music students will speak with increased grammatical accuracy and good control of sentence structure in the past.

This is the last course of the Beginners level before moving on to the Intermediate level.

  • Level: Spanish for Higher Beginners (Spanish 5)
  • Format: Small Group (up to 8 students)
  • Schedule: Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Length: 6 weeks (starting 09/22/20)
  • Materials: Online Teaching Materials (free)
  • Tuition fee: $125
  • Place: Easy Español’s Virtual Campus
  • Instructor: Jorge Gallegos
  • Pre-requisite: Spanish 4 (or Placement Test)
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