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Spanish private sessions live online

Private Introductory Lesson via the Internet

Connect effortlessly with a language coach in Madrid, Quito, Buenos Aires or any one of the many cities throughout the Spanish-speaking world where our highly skilled coaches live and work. Live-Online classes (LIVOL) are held one-on-one with a live instructor in real time via web-conferencing technology that is both user-friendly and technically advanced.

This program incorporates the most innovative language methodology with our own online learning platform to create an enjoyable and effective e-learning experience.

Live-Online classes allow for greater scheduling flexibility, since you connect straight from your home or office. LIVOL also offers a cost-effective option for private instruction.


  1. Take our Online Placement Test
  2. Schedule an introductory session with our Academic Director who will diagnose your Spanish language proficiency and customize a program exclusively for you.

If you have questions, contact us at info@easyespanol.org

Introductory Spanish Lesson Live Online

$ 15/50

Private Introductory Lesson via the Internet

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