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Spanish Self-Study Online Courses

Learn modern, everyday, practical Spanish in a fun and stimulating way

The self-study online Spanish courses (HABLA) are designed around a fictional Telenovela and follow an intuitive and easy-to-use method for learning Spanish online. These entertaining online courses are self-paced and introduce you to vocabulary and grammar essentials through ordinary real-life situations.

The HABLA courses are designed by Spanish experts with more than 20 years of experience teaching Spanish at various prestigious institutions from Spain. Each episode/learning unit is paired with writing, listening and speaking exercises that foster a natural and fun way to learn the language.
The HABLA online courses are ideal for self-learning since they are easy to use, comprehensive and very intuitive. The courses are designed for adult learners ranging from total beginners to high intermediate. The estimated number of training hours is between 125 and 150 hours per level.

There are four levels: Beginners 1 (A1); Beginners 2 (A2); Intermediate 1 (B1) and Intermediate 2 (B2). The number of hours of study depends on each student and varies according to their mother tongue and their ability to learn a foreign language.

If you’ve never taken an online Spanish course, this is the perfect time to try it.

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