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Spanish for Total Beginners - Easy Español

Spanish for Total Beginners


This course is designed as an introductory course for absolute beginners, and as such, will establish a strong foundation and promote future success in Spanish learning.

Spanish Grammar Essentials for Beginners - Easy Español

Spanish Grammar Essentials for Beginners


This online Grammar course is designed for students who are learning Spanish and want to review, reinforce, and reassure their knowledge of the Spanish grammar system.

Spanish for Higher Beginners - Easy Español

Spanish for Higher Beginners


This course is designed to solidify the students’ knowledge of grammar topics acquired in previous courses, help them expand their vocabulary, and broaden their listening and conversation skills.

Introduction to Latin American Cinema - Easy Español

Introduction to Latin America Cinema


In this course you will learn about the social and cultural reality of the Latin-american world and practice español with some of the best films from this region made in the last few years.

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