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Private Spanish Lessons Online

The private online program (eSpanishLive) is a revolutionary way to learn Spanish online. It combines live online language coaching with a ground-breaking online platform (Virtual Classroom) which replaces a traditional classroom. The eSpanishLive program comes in packages of 5, 10, or 20 one-on-one Spanish lessons which are tailored to meet all language skill levels.

The private online Spanish lessons are live in 100% real time-via the Internet and are customized to meet language needs of the student. Throughout a 50-minute session, a coach interacts with you, guiding activities and empowering you to perform what you have practiced. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are used in context to reinforce your speaking skills. Each session is prearranged, and the day of the session you will get a link to have access to the virtual classroom to have the lesson. Entering the virtual classroom is quite simple and there is no need to install anything on your computer. A video-camera and good internet connection is all you need!

All of our private online Spanish lessons enjoy many perks such as an astounding self-study program, TALK sessions, and 24/7 access to the Virtual Campus where students can find a wealth of useful learning materials such as multimedia resources, grammar content, vocabulary activities, tests, and more.

Here is why eSpanishLive is the best Spanish language program online:


Lessons are live, 100% real-time, via the internet. You work hand-in-hand with a language coach using an assortment of multimedia resources. Each eSpanishLive session is a lasting multi-sensory experience.


Tailored exclusively to your learning style and goals, eSpanishLive one-on-one sessions are a custom experience. Your Spanish language coach interacts with you throughout each class, working on your strengths and weaknesses, and will empower you to talk and gain fluency.


Enjoy personal attention from a skillful, patient, and supportive coach. All eSpanishLive coaches are native-speakers with many years of experience and specific expertise in our unique Spanish tutoring method.


Our online programs have a Virtual Campus which offers the unique opportunity to fine-tune your Spanish skills outside of regular lessons with your language coach. The online sessions are a fun multi-sensory experience that happen in our top-of-the line Virtual Classroom which improves upon the traditional classroom experience.


The eSpanishLive program uses Easy Español’s exclusive Audio-Cognitive method™. Our approach helps students gain language fluency through listening in the shortest time possible.


Schedule lessons at any time, from anywhere in the world! You have total flexibility, whether you are at the office, in school, or traveling in another corner of the globe. Our private online Spanish lessons are fun, effective, and cost a fraction of what other schools charge for Spanish tutoring.


Talking to your language coach on the Virtual Classroom is as simple as uno, dos, tres. No special software required.


Click HERE to schedule an introductory lesson with our Academic Coordinator who will show you how a typical online lesson works, assess your Spanish language proficiency, and customize a Spanish learning program exclusively for you.

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