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Spanish TALK Sessions In-Person

Weekly Spanish Conversation Sessions on a drop-in, no-strings-attached basis

The TALK (Total Accelerated Language Kick-Off) sessions are conversation workshops for Spanish language learners to practice their communication skills and gain language fluency. The TALK sessions are the perfect supplement to any other language program.

The TALK sessions are Spanish conversation meetings that offer a welcoming and nurturing environment where language learners can practice Spanish in a stress-free, non-judgmental yet stimulating setting.

Whether you are just starting out and feeling very self-conscious, or you are comfortable speaking but haven’t achieved the fluency you desire, we have a level for you. During a typical TALK session, you will have fun, be challenged, and most important of all, you will TALK through the entire session and flex your linguistic muscles. After just a couple of gatherings, you will be amazed how quickly your Spanish conversation skills are growing.

The sessions are conducted weekly all year round at our premises and are available on a drop-in, no-strings-attached basis.

Easy Español offers TALK sessions five days a week for four different levels. View upcoming sessions here.

Los Mayas - Free Online Lecture! Saturday, May 22 at 3 pm.