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Private Spanish Lessons In-Person

Enjoy an intimate, focused learning experience. Your time, your pace, your learning style!

One-on-one Spanish lessons in-person provide an intimate, focused learning experience carefully crafted to accommodate your individual goals and needs. You will work hand in hand with one of our expert NYC-based language coaches using our exclusive Audio-Cognitive method. With the highest level of interaction, personal attention, and motivation, you will be able to develop language confidence to communicate in Spanish in record time.

Spanish is a fast, sound-based language and there are tremendous emotional–cognitive challenges that learners endure when trying to acquire the language. Our Audio-Cognitive method ™ helps students gain language fluency in a short period of time through attentive listening, intuitive repetition, and meaningful practice. Our New York City Spanish tutors work hand in hand with students to foster their listening comprehension skills from the start and make the students aware of the direct relationship between the cognitive and emotional processes in developing language fluency.

Who Are The Spanish Private Lessons In-Person Suitable For?

private spanish lessons in-person manhattan nycThe Spanish private lessons in-person are apt for students of all ages and levels. Each lesson is carefully designed to suit your personal learning style and language challenges. Each lesson held at our Manhattan location is scheduled at your convenience and is planned around your own language objectives. In this program you will receive all the personal attention and incentive you need to speak Spanish conversationally with both confidence and proficiency.

The private lessons with Easy Español follow a strict curriculum with 4 levels of mastery and over 30 courses designed to cover all areas of language competency. Along with their personalized Spanish lesson with a native-speaking coach, students work in their spare time on our Virtual Campus to further develop their listening skills and vocabulary with our audiovisual teaching materials.

In the Virtual Campus, students can also complete assignments, review Spanish grammar topics, play games, and utilize other useful language tools to reinforce as well as expand their language learning experience.


Your time, your pace, your learning style! Our experienced coaches are ready to accommodate your unique language as well as scheduling needs.

Note that under the special circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person sessions in Manhattan as well as around the greater NYC area have been suspended. You can try our LIVE ONLINE private sessions and enjoy the same professional instruction at a cost-effective price.

Schedule an introductory session with our Academic Coordinator who will show you how the Easy Español Method works, assess your Spanish language proficiency, and customize a program exclusively for you.

Los Mayas - Free Online Lecture! Saturday, May 22 at 3 pm.