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Our method

An effective and exciting method to help learners gain language fluency in the shortest time possible.

We at Easy Español firmly believe that the ultimate way to fully learn a language -any language- is through listening. The first step towards language acquisition is to train the learner to be able to discern the sounds of a language. Once listening skills are developed, language learners can communicate effectively and with ease in the new language.

Spanish is a fast, sound-based language; probably one of the fastest on Earth. Therein lies the strenuous mental –and emotional– effort learners most endure when trying to acquire the language.

To address these challenges, Easy Español has created our own exclusive method: The Audio-Cognitive method ™. Our approach stands in sharp contrast to most other language-training programs with their overwhelming focus on the written language, a tedious memorization of grammar rules, meaningless repetition and vocabulary attainment,and an overemphasis on translation. The Audio-Cognitive method helps student gain language fluency in a short period of time trough listening, repetition, and practice.

Our Audio-Cognitive method entails fostering the students’ listening comprehension skills from the start and making the students aware of the direct relationship between the cognitive and emotional processes integral to language performance. The crucial point of our method is first and foremost to develop the student’s listening comprehension skills through crafted listening activities which lead them to speak the language with confidence.

Grammar rules and bare translation won’t help students achieve language fluency; they only create confusion and frustration. Our Audio-Cognitive method involves grammar achievement through fun and engaging activities. Vocabulary is acquired and expanded intuitively using culture as its springboard and always in a conversational context.

Our method is a perfect amalgam of language acquisition theories combined with learning theories and many years of teaching practice. All this is wrapped up with motivational and coaching models to ensure a natural, rewarding, and effective language acquisition experience in a short period of time. At Easy Español students live the language!