Our Method

The ultimate objective of all foreign language training should be to help students communicate effectively and with ease in the target language. To achieve that objective Easy Español has created and refined our own exclusive Audio-Cognitive method ™. This approach stands in sharp contrast to most other language-training programs with their overwhelming focus on the written language, a tedious memorization of meaningless grammatical rules, and vocabulary acquisition with an overemphasis on translation. The Easy Español method focal point is developing the student’s language confidence to naturally achieve language competence in the shortest time possible.

Since Spanish is a sound-based language, the Easy Español method entails fostering the students’ listening comprehension skills from the start, and making the students aware of the direct relationship between the cognitive and emotional processes integral to communication.

The Easy Español’s Audio-Cognitive method is an amalgam of language acquisition theories such as the natural approach; lexical approach and communicative approach combined with learning theories, for instance. the meaningful learning theory; the cognitive apprenticeship theory; and the social learning theory; all this is wrapped up with motivational theories to ensure a natural and rewarding language acquisition experience. At Easy Español students immerse themselves in the language from day one. Our activities are designed to engage each student in meaningful practice and are always oriented to promote language performance (conversation).

Nevertheless, the core of this method rests on our conviction that a language cannot be learned in isolation from the social contexts in which it is used. Integral to our method, therefore, is both simulating those social contexts in class and exposing students to real-life experiences. We create venues in which students can strengthen the listening and speaking skills they learn in the classroom. Those venues include: periodic group luncheons and dinners at selected Hispanic restaurants, guided museum tours in Spanish, lectures and seminars on particular subjects, social gatherings and Hispanic movie viewings. The ultimate real-life venue is our Cultural Immersion Programs Abroad in which the country becomes the classroom. Simply put, at Easy Español, students learn Spanish by living the language.