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Easy Español’s Grammar Bites

This the place to go for all your burning questions on Spanish grammar.

Departamento de Lengua Castellana y Literatura

This useful site allows you to brush up and enhance your grammar knowledge.

El punto sobre la i

Great site to review rules, get hands-on practice, and find out the difference between words that look or sound that same, but have very different meanings (eg, haber vs. a ver, hay vs. ahí vs. ay).

Buscar palabras

Great site that allows you to search for words (even if you only know one or two of its letters), definitions, synonyms and antonyms, split words into syllables and conjugate verbs.

Silabeador TIP

This site will help you divide any word into syllables to help you improve your pronounciation and spelling in español.

Spanish Resource Page

This site features useful grammatical information through PowerPoint presentations.

Colby.edu / Spanish

Great grammar exercises on a variety of topics with detailed feedback and explanations.