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Online Art Talk: Artesanías Mexicanas

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Artesanías mexicanas
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Online Art Talk: Artesanías Mexicanas

Saturday, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
March 26, 2022


Online Art Talk: Artesanías Mexicanas

Saturday, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
March 26, 2022


Mexico is known all over the world for its wonderful artesanías (handcrafts). Mexican handcrafts and folk art are an intricate collection of artifacts made with various materials and intended for utilitarian, decorative or other purposes. Some of the items produced by hand in Mexico include ceramics, wall hangings, vases, furniture, textiles and much more.

These objects are true works of art, a mixture of the influence of indigenous, Spanish and other cultures and made by master hands, inheritors of the incredible skills of their pre-Hispanic ancestors.

Mexican art expert Luz Elena Mainero will discuss the importance of the Mexican handcrafts and folk-art in mainstream Mexican culture. Mrs. Mainero will talk about Mexico’s handcraft and folk-art tradition and its blend of indigenous and European techniques and designs and its importance in the economy and cultural values of certain ethnic groups in contemporary Mexico.

The talk will be conducted mainly in Spanish and English will be used just for clarification.


Why: To hang-out, have a good time, and learn about art and culture

Who: Good for any Spanish learner. All levels are welcome.

Cost: $5 – Free for all online private students and members; you have to be logged in to your account to register for free. Click here to log in.

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