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Easy Español for Kids

The program:

Easy Español has an outstanding Spanish language program exclusively crafted for young learners.

Our program is based under the integration of these 3 principles:

1. Visual Literacy Development

During our lessons we encourage children to interpret, connect and make meaning from information presented in the form of images & sounds without needless translation. Language fluency is obtained naturally by observation and inference of the language in context by music, art appreciation, word games and more.

2. Cognitive Skills Improvement

It is very well known that the brain at an early age is capable of learning new words& concepts (whether in a first or in a second language) at an incredibly high rate. Children during our classes learn songs, rhymes, stories & vocabulary while having fun to reinforce their cognitive and language skills.

3. Culture Appreciation Integration

Finally, we teach language from a cultural context approach to entice and reinforce culture awareness and appreciation. Children get actively involved in lively cultural activities with a strong emphasis in culture appreciation, syntax structure and vocabulary building.

Private Instruction

Easy Español offers one-on-one Spanish lessons from friendly, patient and experienced native-speaker language coaches. Whether your child requires supplementary language exposure, is in need of academic support or just wants a head start with a second language,the private lessons are a great option for your kid.

We offer in-person, private lessons at our premises and on-site:

  • In-person at our premises: $65 per session (50 minutes long).
  • In-person on-site: $85 per session (60 minutes long).

Additionally, Easy Español offers private language coaching for kids and teenagers Live Online:

  • Special Live Online Lessons for Kids 7 – 11 years old: $ 99 (4 Lessons 40 minutes long)
  • Live Online Lessons for kids 11 years old and up: $116 (4 Lessons 50 minutes long)

Introductory lesson and language and cognitive assessment: $45

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information:

Tel: 212-213-0648
Email: info@easyespanol.org