Total Beginners Online


Categories: Elementary Spanish
Includes 42 days access

Course Overview

This is a self-study course, and it is designed as an introductory course for absolute beginners, and as such, will establish a strong foundation and promote future success in Spanish learning. In this course students will learn the essentials of the Spanish phonetic system to train their ears to effortlessly understand spoken Spanish.

Students will also develop the necessary vocabulary to be able to handle a basic conversation using personal information such as name, age, nationality, address, and words related to professions. With over 300 fun activities, students will also learn salutations, the Alphabet, numbers, many basic verbs, high frequency words, and how to spell words to ask and give information in Spanish.

  • Level: Spanish for Total Beginners (Spanish 1)
  • Format: Online Self-Study
  • Schedule: 24/7 – Immediate access upon registration
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Materials: Online Teaching Materials (over 300 activities)
  • Tuition fee: $1
  • Place: Easy Español Virtual Campus
  • Pre-requisite:None