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¿Tienes confianza o confidencia?

How do we say “confidence” in Spanish? Is it “confianza” or “confidencia”? Well, it depends on what we mean to say; both words have very different meanings. Let’s take a look:   Confianza: We use this word to talk about our trust or belief in ourselves or someone else, or

Tres traducciones de “time”

(1) TIME AS TIEMPO When we talk about a certain period in between events or the passing of minutes, days, weeks, etc, we translate “time” as “tiempo”: Se nos acabó el tiempo y no pudimos terminar el exámen. We ran out of time and we couldn’t finish the exam. El tiempo

Tres traducciones de “picture”

(1) PICTURE AS IMAGEN When we talk about the representation of a person, animal, or thing, we translate “picture” as “imagen”: Las imágenes de las obras del Greco se caracterizan por el alargamiento de las figuras y la expresividad de los rostros. The pictures on El Greco’s work are characterized

¿Pasar(lo) bien o tener un buen tiempo?

Do you know what is the  Spanish equivalent of “to have a good time”? Although our initial instinct may be to say “tener un buen tiempo”, this is a literal translation that sounds confusing to native Spanish-speakers. The correct way of expressing this sentiment is using the phrase: Pasar(lo)bien.   We