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¿Sabías que el lunfardo es hablado en Argentina? - Easy Español

¿Sabías que el lunfardo es hablado en Argentina?

El lunfardo es una jerga originalmente empleada en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y sus alrededores por los estratos bajos de la sociedad. Si bien surgió en el siglo XIX en los barrios marginales, gran parte de sus vocablos y locuciones se difundieron posteriormente en la lengua popular y en

Argentine Slang Essentials: Che

The Wondrous Origin of the Word CHE Slang words are often tethered to other ideas and attitudes that simply cannot be expressed as succinctly without them, and the slang word “che” commonly used in Argentina, Uruguay and in the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia is no different. With its colorful

Mexican Slang and The Curious Case of “Aguas”

Water is such an essential part of life, and -not surprisingly- it is one of the first words you learn in any language. So I’m sure that you already know that the Spanish word for water is agua, but did you know that this word has other meanings? One common

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