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Expresiones que cambian de significado con SER y ESTAR - Easy Español

Expresiones que cambian su significado con ‘ser’ y ‘estar’

Let’s learn some everyday expressions which change their meaning depending on whether they are used with ‘ser’ or ‘estar’: SER José es un interesado (personality trait: he’s interested). José es un distraído (personality trait: he’s distracted). Jorge es un chico tranquilo (personality trait: he’s a calm person). Roberto es joven

Los usos del pronombre SE - Easy Español

Usos de “SE”

The different uses of the pronoun “se” can be tricky to grasp, so let’s take a look at each of them: “SE” impersonal: It works as a marker for impersonal constructions, that is, sentences where the message can be applied to a large group of people (a rule, an advice,

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