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Say NO to translation

Removing the translation component from your language studies and habits is crucial to gaining proficiently in any language. Word-to-word translations from one language to another prohibit a truly stream-of-consciousness thought process that allows for seamless communication between individuals and groups. Switching back and forth between two languages isn’t necessarily the

¿Tienes confianza o confidencia?

How do we say “confidence” in Spanish? Is it “confianza” or “confidencia”? Well, it depends on what we mean to say; both words have very different meanings. Let’s take a look:   Confianza: We use this word to talk about our trust or belief in ourselves or someone else, or

Una “agencia de colección”

En español existen tres verbos para el verbo to collect en inglés: colectar, recolectar y coleccionar. Asimismo, tenemos tres sustantivos relacionados con estos verbos: la colecta (collect), la recolección (gather, harvest, collect, raise [money]) y la colección (collection). Además hay un falso amigo del verbo to collect relacionado con el dinero:

Cuatro traducciones de “muerto de”

(1) MUERTO DE CANSANCIO This expression is used to indicate that someone is extremely tired, and may be translated as follows: Estuve trabajando todo el día. ¡Estoy muerto de cansancio! I’ve been working all day long. I’m dead tired!   (2) MUERTO DE ENVIDIA This expression means that the speaker

Expresiones con la palabra “muerte”

Cuestión de vida o muerte: a matter of life and death. Dar muerte a algo / alguien: to kill something or someone. De mala muerte (colloquial): lousy, crappy. De muerte (col.): (susto) terrible; (fantástico) fantastic, terrific, out of this world. Debatirse entre la vida y la muerte: be fighting for

Mexican Slang Essentials: ¿Qué onda?

If you spend any significant amount of time socializing in México, or even here in some parts of the US, “¿Qué onda?” is a question you simply can’t escape from.  Like tacos or mezcal, it is an absolute staple of Méxican culture! So let’s take a look at the meaning

Tres traducciones de “race”

(1) RACE AS RAZA When used in reference to a person’s lineage or genetic group, we translate “race” as “raza”: Las prácticas culturales varían notablemente entre las personas de diferentes razas. Cultural practices vary greatly among people belonging to different races. En Nueva York viven personas de muchas razas, culturas y

Isabel la Católica

Click here to listen to all about Isabel la Católica: Isabella I (Madrigal de las Altas Torres, 22 April 1451–Medina del Campo, 26 November 1504) was Queen of Castille. She was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon. Isabella and Ferdinand are known for completing the Reconquista, ordering conversion or exile

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