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Eat Up your Spanish at Mercado Little Spain - Easy Español

Eat Up your Spanish at Mercado Little Spain

Join us for our first event of the New Year at Mercado Little Spain. We’ll have a culinary tour of Spain at this fantastic place featuring the delicious diversity of foods and drinks from all corners of Spain.

We’ll learn about the exquisite traditions of one of the richest culinary countries in the world. From tapas to churros and from wine to cheese you’ll have a unique opportunity to eat up your Spanish.

Welcome to España; no passport required!

When: Saturday, January 11 from 12 pm to 2pm.

Where: Mercado Little Spain (10 Hudson Yards · New York, NY).

How to find us: The group will meet at the entrance of Mercado Little Spain.

Who: Anybody with a good appetite and a fine taste for Spanish food.

Why: To taste incredible food from Spain, learn about its traditions and make new amigos.

How much: You pay what you eat. RSVP here!

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Workshop: Tips on the Best Way to Learn Spanish & Speak Like a Native

Have you been trying to learn Spanish but find this language difficult and elusive? Maybe your learning techniques need to be revised.

Join our workshop and put your Spanish to good use. I will share with you some professional secrets for mastering Spanish. No more beating your head against verb conjugations or wasting your time translating long lists of words. During the workshop I’ll share with you some amazing techniques to learn vocabulary more efficiently without turning to English all the time. We’ll discuss different learning styles and the role of emotions in learning. Finally, you’ll receive good advice on how to listen appropriately without translating everything in your head.

Learning a foreign language is a huge investment and it can be a bit frustrating sometimes. In this workshop you’ll learn new techniques to gain fluency and speak Spanish (or even your own language) with confidence.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

Important: This workshop is very interactive and it’s open to people of all levels and will be giving mainly in English with many examples in Spanish. You’ll also learn about some great free resources online.

  • When: Saturday, December 14th 2019 from 11:30 am to 1 pm
  • Where: Easy Español (10 East 39th Street Suite 1126)
  • Who: Anybody interested in learning Spanish
  • Why: Because you should learn great learning techniques to improve your Spanish
  • How much: $25 Pay here!
  • The workshop will be available free of charge to all our active private students both in-person and live online. RSVP here!
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Grand Central Station Walking Tour en Español

Join us to hear some fascinating details behind the beautiful architecture and grandeur of this historic building while learning its storied past in Spanish.

We’ll explore one of the most important and consequential landmarks in the United States. The group will meet-up at the information kiosk and then we’ll walk around this magnificent building while talking about about some important historical facts dating back to 1871 when Grand Central was newly built. You’ll leave this tour with new words in Spanish and a great knowledge about this impressive terminal.

  • When: Saturday, November 23rd 2019 from 12 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Where: Grand Central Terminal. We’ll meet at the information kiosk; Jorge will have a big orange backpack.
  • Who: Anybody Interested in practicing Spanish with a reasonable level of understanding spoken Spanish
  • Why: To practice Spanish, meet cool people and learn something new
  • How much: $10 (cash only)
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Brunchayuno Ecuatoriano

Come join us for a wonderful opportunity to have a delicious brunchayuno* at a cozy Ecuadorean restaurant in Queens, El Rincón Melania. This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse in the culture, taste good food, and practice your Spanish with new amigos! El Rincón Melania was featured in the New York Times as an awesome restaurant in the neighborhood of Long Island City, Queens, specializing in Ecuadorean cuisine.

Read the NYT article here!

When: Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where: Rincón Melania (35-19 Queens Blvd · Long Island City, NY)

How to find us: Take the 7 line from Manhattan or Queens and get off at 33 Street/Rawson Street and walk from there to the restaurant where the group will meet.

Who: Anybody who wants to practice Spanish.

Why: To have a good time, make new friends and converse in Spanish.

How much: $20. We’ll split just one big check for the group. No separate checks. You will end up paying $20 tax and tips included.

RSVP here!

* Brunchayuno: Desayuno gringo y almuerzo latinoamericano. Palabra Spanglish inventada; por favor no utilizar en clase.

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Photography Tour + Group Discussion en Español

Join us for a unique exhibit of Venezuelan Photographers: Nuestro Oficio. This exhibit is a compilation of photography of everyday life from the street that offers, with a critical gaze, the face of Venezuela. The work presents the perspectives of seven Venezuelan photographers who walk the streets and photograph working class life in Venezuela at a special time in its modern history.

Photographers: Marcelo Volpe, Giuliano Salvatore, Dikó, Nica Guerrero, Maxwell Briceño, Cacica Honta, Carlos Foucault.

Afterwards, the group will gather for a group discussion in Spanish.

When: Saturday, October 19th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Where: People’s Forum (320 W 37th St, NY)

How to find us: Ask for the group in the cafeteria.

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Brunch at a French Restaurant

Join us for a delicious brunch at a new French restaurant with charming ambiance, exquisite dishes, and gracious hospitality. This is a great opportunity to hone-in your Spanish (and maybe French as well) conversational skills while enjoying delicious food in the company of amazing people.

When: Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm.

Where: Le Privé Restaurant (626 10th Avenue)

How to find us: The group will meet in the garden. Ask the waiter for the Easy Español group.

Who: Anybody who wants to practice Spanish.

Why: To have a good time, make new friends and converse in Spanish.

How much: $29 (Three course menu). The price does not include tax and tip. RSVP now!

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Art & Identity: Tour in Spanish at the National Museum of the American Indian

Taíno: Native Heritage and Identity in the Caribbean +
T.C. Cannon: At the Edge of America

Join us for a especial visit to the National Museum of the American Indian to explore and discuss identity and culture in America in the 21st century. We’ll visit the exhibit on the ancestries of the Taino culture. We will explore the rural roots of the Taino movement and find information about the the legacy of Native peoples throughout the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands and their U.S. diasporas.

The group will also explore the exhibit of T.C. Cannon, one of the most influential, innovative, and talented Native American artists of the 20th-century, T.C. Cannon embodied the activism, cultural transition and creative expression that defined America in the 1960s and 1970s.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about Hispanic culture, meet great people and practice Spanish.

When: Saturday, September 14th from 12 pm to 2 pm.

Meeting time: 11:45 am.

Where: National Museum of the American Indian (1 Bowling Green New York, NY 10004)

Who: Anybody interested in learning about Hispanic culture

Cost: $10.

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Ferry Ride and Walk & Talk en Español + Cuban Cuisine

Join us on this special summer evening boat ride full of fun, conversation in Spanish, laughter, and spectacular city views.

The group will go by boat to Hunter’s Point South Park and will have a Walk & Talk in the park while enjoying amazing city views of Manhattan. We’ll leave Wall Street/Pier 11 at 4:17 pm. The boat ride will end at 5:00 pm and then the group will go for a walk around the park.

Afterwards, at around 6:00 pm, if there’s enough people, we’ll head to dinner at a local Cuban restaurant.

When: Saturday, September 7th, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm.

Where: Pier 11 / Wall Street South St New York, NY 10005

Who: Anybody who wants to have fun and practice Spanish.

Cost: $10 (Food & boat ride are not included in the fee).

How to find us: Look for Jorge at Pier 11. He’ll have a bright orange backpack!

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Historia y cultura en nuestro próximo tour guiado en español

Ven con Easy Español a nuestro próximo tour guiado en español por los mágicos pasillos de la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York y conoce su increíble historia.

En esta oportunidad, exploraremos las raíces de Walt Whitman: poeta, periodista y ensayista estadounidense, cuya colección de versos Leaves of Grass, publicada por primera vez en el año 1855, es un hito en la historia de la literatura estadounidense. ¡No te pierdas la lectura en español extractos de su obra más famosa!

Además, el grupo también explorará el Bryant Park y hablará sobre su historia en español. Esta es una oportunidad única para aprender más sobre la gran institución que es la NYPL, conocer nuevas personas y practicar español.

Como siempre, después de nuestros tours guiados, nos divertiremos aún más, esta vez, iremos por los mejores tacos de la ciudad.

Conoce los detalles de esta grandiosa actividad and live the language with Easy Español.


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Tour guiado en español: Museo de Brooklyn

Únete a nosotros para dar un recorrido especial por el Museo de Brooklyn. Aprenderemos mucho, no solo de arte, sino de español, mientras paseamos por varias exposiciones. Esta es una oportunidad única para aprender apreciación del arte, pinturas europeas, hacer nuevos amigos y perfeccionar tus habilidades en español.

Sobre el museo:

El museo de Brooklyn tiene aproximadamente 50 metros cuadrados, lo que lo convierte en el tercer museo más grande de la Ciudad de Nueva York en cuanto a superficie y, actualmente tiene una colección de arte de alrededor de 1,5 millones de obras.

Dentro del museo, podemos encontrar colecciones de antigüedades egipcias muy curiosas e interesantes que abarcan más de 3000 años. Igualmente, se pueden apreciar muestras de artes africanos, oceánico y japonés.

Por supuesto, el arte estadounidense no puede faltar; en el museo de Brooklyn el arte nacional comprende una representación completa, empezando por el período Colonial. Está representado por una colección de artistas entre los que destacan Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell, y Max Weber. En el museo también se puede apreciar una muestra de figuras arquitectónicas recuperadas de la ciudad de Nueva York en su “Jardín de Escultura Conmemorativo”.

No puedes dejar de hacer este tour guiado en español con nosotros.

El grupo irá por tragos y comida después del recorrido por el museo, ¡te esperamos!

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