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Published on: Spanish Slang

Tres traducciones de “stage”


When we talk about a specific step in a process or period of a person’s life, we translate “stage” as “etapa”:

  • Así comienza la segunda etapa artística de Velázquez, plagada de retratos al soberano y a miembros de su familia. So it begins Velázquez’ second artistic stage, filled with portraits of the King and memebers of his family. 


When we use this term to refer to an area where a performance will take place (usually some form of raised platform), we translate “stage” as “escenario”:

  • Después de practicar mucho, los niños estaban listos para representar su obra de teatro en un escenario real. After practicing a lot, the children were finally ready to perform their play in a real stage.


When we use the word “stage” to refer to a point in a process of change or development, we use the equivalent “fase”:

  • Todavía están en las fases iniciales del tratamiento, pero los médicos son optimistas. They are still in the beginning stages of the treatment, but the doctors are optimistic.
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