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Published on: Spanish Slang

Tres traducciones de “regalo”


When we talk about something given to another person -without receiving payment in return- to honor or celebrate them or as a display of affection, we translate “regalo” as “gift” or “present”:

  • Los niños tenían muchas ganas de abrir sus regalos de Navidad. The kids were looking forward to opening up their Christmas presents.
  • Recibió un auto como regalo de graduación. She got a car as a graduation gift.


When we use this term to refer to an offer or  purchase that is beneficial to us -typically due to its low price, we translate “regalo” as “bargain”:

  • Esta chaqueta me costó $10; ¡fue un regalo!  This jacket was $10; it was a bargain!
  • Nos encanta visitar el mercado de pulgas; puedes encontrar verdaderos regalos. We love visiting the flee market; you can find true bargains.


When we use the word “regalo” to refer to something from which we derive pleasure, we use the equivalent “treat” :

  • Él es un gran violinista; su música es un regalo para los oídos. He is a great violinist; his music is a treat for the ears.
  • Si nos portamos bien cuando visitamos a la abuela, ella nos da un chocolate de regalo. If we behave when we visit Grandma, she gives us chocolate as a treat.
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