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Tres traducciones de “race”


When used in reference to a person’s lineage or genetic group, we translate “race” as “raza”:

  • Las prácticas culturales varían notablemente entre las personas de diferentes razasCultural practices vary greatly among people belonging to different races.
  • En Nueva York viven personas de muchas razas, culturas y religiones; es una ciudad muy cosmopólita.  In New York there are people of many races, cultures, and religions; it’s a very cosmopolitan city.



When we use this term to refer to a sport event where rivals try to reach a goal as fast as possible, we translate “race” as “carerra”. 

  • Ganó la carrera y quebró el récord olímpico. He won the race and broke the Olympic record.
  • El Indy 500 es una carrera de automovilismo muy popular. The Indy 500 is a highly-popular automobile race.


(3) RACE AS CARRERA (Figurative use)

The word race can also refer to a competition between two political parties, be it within one nation or at an international level. In these cases, “race” is once again translated as “carrera”:

  • La carrera hacia la Casa Blanca va a ser muy emocionante el próximo año. The race for the White House is going to be very exciting next year.
  • La carrera armamentista fue una de las características principales de la Guerra Fría. The arms race was one the main characteristics of the Cold War.

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