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Published on: Spanish Slang

Tres traducciones de “falla”


When we talk about a feature that causes an imperfection or a malfunction in something, we translate “falla” as “flaw”:

  • Una falla en el sistema causó el corte temporal de energía. A flaw in the system caused the temporary power outage.
  • Este diamante tiene algunas fallas por eso no es tan costoso. This diamond has some flaws that’s why it’s not as expensive.


(2) FALLA AS FAULT (Geology)

When we use this term to refer to the geological phenomenon that results in a crack in the Earth’s crust, we translate “falla” as “fault”:

  • La Falla de San Andrés es una de las fallas más reconocidas a nivel mundial. The San Andreas Fault is one of the best-known faults in the world.
  • Hoy en la clase de geografía estudiamos los diferentes tipos de fallas. Today in Geography class we studied the different types of faults.



When we use the word “falla” to refer to either the celebration held in Valencia, Spain each year or the cardboard and paper-mâché monuments that are burned during this celebration, we do not translate this term.

  • Personas de todas partes viajan a Valencia para disfrutar de las fallas. People from all over travel to Valencia to enjoy the fallas.
  • Las fallas que se quemarán este año representan a muchos personajes políticos. The fallas that will be burned this year represent a lot of political figures.