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Published on: Spanish Slang

Expressions to talk about unfaithfulness

  • Cuernear: to cheat on someone.
  • Cornudo: cuckold.
  • Echar una cana al aire: to cheat on someone, to sow one’s wild oats.
  • Estar de pirata: to go out with a woman in secrecy to hide that you are cheating on your wife.
  • Engañar: to cheat on someone.
  • Tener un romance: to have an affair.
  • Tener una aventura: to have an affair.
  • Tirar(se) una cana al aire: to cheat on someone, to sow one’s wild oats.
  • Pata de lana: the other man.
  • Pegar el salto a alguien: to cheat on someone.
  • Pegársela (a alguien): to cheat on someone.
  • Poner los cuernos a alguien: to cheat on someone.
  • Poner / montar los cachos: to cheat on someone.
  • Sacar la vuelta: to cheat on someone.
  • Ser infiel: to be unfaithful.
  • Serruchar el piso: to undermine someone in order to take something (or someone, in case of a relationship) from them.
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