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Published on: Spanish Slang

Expresiones con la palabra “orden”

  • ¡A la/su orden!:  At your service! You’re welcome!
  • (Conceder) la orden de: (to grant) a military or civil honor for services rendered.
  • Del orden de: approximately.
  • El orden del día: items to be discussed at a meeting or assembly.
  • Estar a la orden del día: to be in vogue, something that happens on a daily basis.
  • Ir en orden: to take turns, one at a time.
  • Orden de atigüedad: seniority.
  • La ley y el orden: law and order.
  • Llamar (a alguien) al orden: to call someone to order.
  • La orden del día (military): list of duties read each morning at military bases.
  • Orden aleatorio: random order.
  • Orden cronológico: chronological order.
  • Orden de arresto, de allanamiento, etc (legal): warrant: arrest warrant, search warrant, etc
  • Orden inverso: reverse order.
  • Poner mis ideas en orden: to collect my thoughts.
  • Por orden de llegada: in order of arrival; first come, first served.
  • Sin orden ni concierto: without organization, order or planning.
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