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Published on: Spanish Slang

Expresiones con la palabra “obra”

  • Buena obra: a good deed.
  • Estar en obras: to be under construction or under repairs.
  • Cuerpo de la obra: main part of a book, brochure, pamphlet.
  • Cerrado por obras: to be closed for repairs.
  • Manos a la obra: let’s start (doing something), let’s go.
  • Mano de obra: workforce, labor force.
  • Obra (arquitectura): (architecture) building (finished or in progress.)
  • Obra de arte: artwork.
  • Obra benéfica: charity work.
  • Obra completa: complete works.
  • Obra de caridad: charity work.
  • Obra de referencia: reference work.
  • Obra de teatro: (theater) play.
  • Obra maestra: masterpiece.
  • Obra pública: public works.
  • Obras viales: roadworks.
  • Pecar de obra: to sin by deed.
  • Poner (un plan, proyecto) en obra: to set (a plan, a project) in motion, to start working on something.
  • Por obra (y gracia) de: because of, due to, thanks to.
  • Saber vida y obra de alguien: to know everything about someone’s life.
  • Ser obra de alguien: to be someone’s doing.
  • Vida y obra: life and works.
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