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Published on: Spanish Slang

Cuatro traducciones de “muerto de”


This expression is used to indicate that someone is extremely tired, and may be translated as follows:

  • Estuve trabajando todo el día. ¡Estoy muerto de cansancio! I’ve been working all day long. I’m dead tired!



This expression means that the speaker is really envious of something or someone:

  • Juan está muerto de envidia desde que me compré mi auto nuevo. Juan has been green with envy since I bought my new car.



We use this phrase to describe an overpowering sensation of cold:

  • ¿Puedes subir la calefacción? Estoy muerto de frío. Could you turn the heat up? I’m freezing cold.



This expression indicates that someone is experiencing extreme fear:

  • Después de ver “El exorcista” estuve muerto de miedo toda la noche. After watching “The Exorcist” I spent all night scared stiff.
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