Mujeres Valientes

Carlota Santana  y Belén Maya llegan a celebrar con el Flamento a su obra Mujeres Valientes. Esta pieza celebra la vida, coraje y audacía de mujeres hispanas  como Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz y Manuela Saénz. Ellas rompieron con esquemas sociales de su época e hicieron el camino para un mundo con más equidad de género.

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They reel viewers in, hold them tenderly by the collar, and do not let go until the final jam session.”

—Eye on Dance

For its anniversary season, Flamenco Vivo presents the premiere of a new work by flamenco legend Belén Maya. Mujeres Valientes explores the fundamental power and courage of two trailblazing women who challenged authorities and fought against ignorance, inequality, and injustice: 17th-century Mexican poet and philosopher Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and 19th-century activist and South American revolutionary Manuela Sáenz.

In the second half of the program, José Maldonado and Guadalupe Torres present new solos, giving audiences an opportunity to witness the kind of electrifying dancing that has won the prizes in Spain. The program features Flamenco Vivo’s international company of eight dancers and five musicians, with all works performed to live music.



BAM Fisher

May 15—May 20, 2018

RUN TIME: 1hr 50min with intermission



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