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Published on: Grammar Bites

What is the difference between “acordarse” and “recordar”?

Do you know the difference between “acordarse” and “recordar”? It’s easier than it sounds!


The main difference is their structure:

Acordarse means to remember something. We always use it with a pronoun and it is generally followed by the preposition “de”.

  • No me acuerdo. I don’t remember.
  • ¿Te acuerdas de la primera vez que visitamos México? Do you remember the first time we visited Mexico.
  • Siempre se acuerda de todos los cumpleaños. She always remembers everyone’s birthdays.


On the other hand, recordar means to recall or to remind. This verb does not need a pronoun, and it isn’t followed by a specific preposition:

  • Recuerda llamarlo esta noche. Remember to call him tonight.
  • ¿No te recuerda a alguien? Doesn’t she remind you of someone?
  • No recuerdo la última vez que hablamos por teléfono. I can’t recall the last time we spoke on the phone.
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