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Published on: Grammar Bites

Tres traducciones de ‘restart’

Vamos a aprender los diferentes usos y equivalentes en español del verbo “restart”:


When talking about beginning again an activity or endeavor that had been temporarily interrupted, completed or abandoned, the verb “restart” is translated as “reiniciar” o “recomenzar”.

  • Las clases se reiniciarán después de las vacaciones de verano.
  • Classes will restart after the summer vacations.

When talking about computers, cellphones or other devices, the verbs “to restart” or “to reboot” are used to describe the need to shut off the device and turn it back on. In this sense, the term can be also translated as “reiniciar”.

  • La computadora está congelada; es necesario reiniciarla.
  • The computer froze; you have to restart it.

When we talk about resuming an activity after a brief pause or break, particularly when talking about games and sports, we translate “restart” as “reanudar”:

  • El partido de tenis se reanudó con normalidad después de la lluvia.
  • The tennis match restarted normally after the rain.

When we talk about starting again a conversation, discussion, or activity that had been previously interrupted, we translate “restart” as retomar”:

  • Esta semana se retomaron las discusiones sobre el aumento salarial para los maestros.
  • The debate over the salary increase for teachers restarted this week.
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