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Published on: Grammar Bites

¿Tienes confianza o confidencia?

How do we say “confidence” in Spanish? Is it “confianza” or “confidencia”?

Well, it depends on what we mean to say; both words have very different meanings. Let’s take a look:


Confianza: We use this word to talk about our trust or belief in ourselves or someone else, or to describe someone who is self-assured and secure in what they are saying:

  • Cada día ella tiene más confianza en su español. Every day she has more confidence in her Spanish skills.
  • Ellos tienen confianza en que la economía mejorará pronto. They have confidence in the fact that the economy will improve soon.
  • Siempre habla con mucha confianza; es un gran orador. He always expresses himself with great confidence; he’s a great speaker.


Confidencia: In the other hand, we use this term to talk about secrets or confidential information:

  • Sabía que se casarían porque me lo contó como una confidencia. I knew they were getting married because he told me in confidence.
  • No le hagas confidencias a Miguel; no sabe guardar secretos. Don’t share any confidences with Miguel; he can’t keep secrets.
  • Cuando mi hermana y yo no podemos dormir, nos contamos confidencias. When my sister and I can’t sleep, we exchange confidences. 
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