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Published on: Grammar Bites

Expresiones con la palabra “lengua”

La palabra “lengua” es protagonista de muchas frases coloquiales en español y aquí te enseñaremos algunas de las más populares:

  • Buscarle la lengua a alguien = to try to pick a quarrel with someone, be spoiling for a fight/an argument
  • Con la lengua fuera = to be out of breath, panting, dog-tired
  • Darle a la lengua = to chatter away, to gossip, to ramble
  • Estar con/llevar la lengua fuera = to be dead beat, to have one’s tongue hanging out, to be panting
  • Irse de la lengua = to let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans, blow the gaff, shoot one’s mouth off about something
  • Las malas lenguas = gossip, rumor has it
  • Lengua culta / Lengua vulgar = Latin / The vernacular, educated / common speech
  • Lengua de tierra = tongue of land
  • Lengua de trapo = baby talk
  • Lengua materna = mother tongue, native language
  • Lengua oficial = official language
  • Lengua viperina / de víbora = evil/sharp/vicious tongue
  • Media lengua = baby talk
  • Morderse la lengua = to bite one’s tongue
  • No morderse la lengua = to not mince one’s words
  • No tener lengua = to have lost one’s tongue
  • No tener pelos en la lengua = to not mince one’s words, to be out-spoken
  • Sacarle la lengua a alguien = to stick one’s tongue out at someone
  • Soltar la lengua = to loosen one’s tongue, to make someone talk
  • ¿Te ha comido la lengua el gato? = has the cat got your tongue?
  • Tener algo en la punta de la lengua = to have sth on the tip of one’s tongue
  • Tener la lengua larga = to talk too much
  • Tirar de la lengua = to make sb talk, to wind someone up
  • Trabársele la lengua = to get tongue-tied
  • Trabalenguas = tongue-twister

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