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Published on: Grammar Bites

Expresiones con la palabra “letra”

En español existen muchas expresiones populares con la palabra ‘letra’ (letter); aquí te presentamos algunas de las más utilizadas:

  • Al pie de la letra: to obey, to comply with something to the letter.
  • Aprender las primeras letras: to learn how to read and write.
  • Dar letra (a alguien): to provide someone with arguments / evidence / examples to criticize you.
  • De puño y letra: in one’s own handwriting.
  • Despacito y buena letra: slowly but surely, easy/gently does it.
  • Hacer buena letra: to behave properly.
  • Hombre/mujer/persona de letras: man/woman of letters, an academic person, a well-educated person.
  • La letra con sangre entra (ref.) spare the rod and spoil the child.
  • Las primeras letras: primary education, three Rs.
  • Letra a la vista: (for commercial use) demand draft.
  • Letra bastardilla/cursiva: italics.
  • Letra de cambio: (for commercial use) bill of exchange, draft.
  • Letra de imprenta: print, block letters.
  • Letra de molde: block letters.
  • Letra gótica/negrita/negrilla: gothic script/boldface.
  • Letra menuda/pequeña: small print.
  • Letras mayúsculas capital letters.
  • Letras minúsculas: lower case letters.
  • Tener buena letra: have neat/good handwriting, write neatly, write a good hand.
  • Tener mala letra: have bad/untidy handwriting, write untidily.
  • Tomar al pie de la letra: to take / to understand something literally.
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