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Published on: Grammar Bites

Expresiones con el verbo “dar”

Dar (to give, to provide) es uno de los verbos más frecuentes en español y lo podemos encontrar en muchísimas expresiones coloquiales o idiomáticas. Aquí te enseñamos algunas de estas frases:

  • Dar rienda suelta = to let loose, to let someone go at their own pace / will
  • Dar una lata = to annoy
  • Dar una vuelta = to go for a walk / ride
  • Dar por hecho = to consider something done / taken care of
  • Dar por sentado = to take for granted
  • Dar (las) gracias = to give thanks, to be thankful
  • Darse por vencido = to give up
  • Dar a conocer = to make something public / known
  • Dar a entender = to imply, to suggest
  • Dar a luz = to give birth
  • Dar abasto = to be or have enough of something
  • Dar largas = to give total liberty to act
  • Dar orejas = to listen
  • Dar alojamiento = to provide accommodations / lodgings
  • Dar ánimos a alguien = to cheer someone up
  • Dar batalla = to put up a fight
  • Dar buen uso = to put something to good use
  • Dar calabazas = to reject someone, to brush someone off
  • Dar con algo = to find something, to stumble upon something
  • Dar crédito = to believe something
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