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How do I connect (talk/see) with my coach (teacher)?

It’s very simple. All you need is a link to our virtual classroom and from there you can talk to and see your language coach. Similarly, you can use your phone or your Skype account if you have one.

Are these just “Skype” (conversation) lessons?

No, they are not! The eSpanishLive program stands out from other language programs for three main reasons:
– It’s an integrated system that uses a virtual campus, a virtual classroom, a self-study program, free TALK live online sessions and a well-trained language coach. During lessons all four aspects of the language are stimulated: Listening, speaking, writing and reading. Lessons are very interactive using a digital whiteboard and take place in real time.
– We use the most innovative and effective teaching method available.
– Ours is a trusted company based in New York City. All money transactions are safe and we’ll provide you will superb customer care.

These lessons are private, right? Are they too expensive?

You’ll get personalized instruction. Your coach will tailor your sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. Yet our fees are very competitive considering the quality and benefits of our programs. For example, a package of 5 private lessons + access to our virtual campus will be just $172.50
I work all day; can I take classes at night and/or weekends?
Absolutely! Our programs are flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule. You can take classes as early as 8 in the morning or as late as 9 in the evening. Want to take classes on a weekend? No problem! Just write us a line and we’ll work around your schedule.

How do I know that I’m making progress?

Your progress is crucial to us. We monitor your progress and write a report after each class you take. At the end of your package you’ll get a final report on all the work you have done during your program. Your coach will ensure you complete the course requirement for each level. You will have to take an exit test at the end of each level to be promoted to the next one.

More Questions?

Shoot us a line at [email protected] . We’ll love to hear from you!

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