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(Face to Face & Live Online)

AT NO EXTRA COST, all our one-on-one students (Initial, Intermediate and Advanced) will have unlimited access, throughout the duration of their course, to our ONLINE CAMPUS, where they can prepare prior their lessons and practice grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension.
Information on how to access our ONLINE CAMPUS will be given by their Language Trainer.

Some of our Small Group classes requiere a $10 dollar fee per materials/handouts, nevertheless some courses requiere the purchase of the book VOCABULARIO (Available in Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced levels)

The Vocabulario book provides around 1800 of the most commonly used words & expressions of the Spanish language. This books comes with 2 audio CD"s plus an evaluation test.
Price: $20
(Available at Easy Espanol only. No shipping options available)


We also provide aditional resources like dictionaries, reading books, videos, movies, games and many other Internet and multimedia materials.